As Seen In the Broomfield Enterprise – March 21, 2015


Etkin Johnson’s 4-acre Del Corso community park will be dedicated to the City of Broomfield in a ceremony on Wednesday.

Broomfield will celebrate a new community park on Wednesday.

Etkin Johnson Real Estate Partners will dedicate the 4-acre Del Corso community park during a ceremony Wednesday. The park includes open areas for playing sports and a playground for children.

The park is meant to be a community-focused amenity where people can meet and play, said Etkin Johnson spokeswoman Ann Steinbach.

In the spirit of that community focus, Mayor Randy Ahrens will speak during the dedication, and the real estate group also will donate $5,000 to the Broomfield Community Foundation.

Foundation director Karen Smith said the organization is pleased with the donation.

“We’re definitely going to be at the dedication to say thank you,” she said.

Del Corso Park is one of the first pieces of development in the Broomfield Business Park neighborhood, which is just south of the Northwest Parkway and east of Via Varra Road.

Del Corso Park was developed by Etkin Johnson on the 74-acre site that also includes a new luxury apartment complex called Retreat at The Flatirons.

Etkin Johnson was in charge of most of the maintenance on the park since it was built last year, but will turn over the park to make it an official, Broomfield-owned public park, said Deputy City and County Manager Kevin Standbridge.

More apartments, some offices and retail are in the works for the site, according to a news release from developers.

At a meeting in October, City Council gave initial approval for developers to add 288 more units to the neighborhood near the park.

The park itself is expected to expand by another 1.3 acres as more development moves in.

At the meeting, Councilwoman Martha Derda said the park expansion will be a welcome addition, especially as more families move into the area.

“The bigger, the better. I’m always worried about where kids will go, as more kids move into the area,” she said during the meeting.

It also adds to Broomfield’s inventory of outdoor spaces, which have been a priority since the 1995 comprehensive plan was adopted. Broomfield has a 40 percent open lands goal, which was restated in the 2005 comprehensive plan and the 2005 open space and trails master plan.

“Open lands” refers to the combination of open space, which has native plants and grasses, and parks, which have irrigated land, Kristan Pritz, director of the Open Space and Trails department, said in January.

In January, Broomfield tallied 32.8 percent open lands, according Deputy City and County Manager Kevin Standbridge.

Broomfield calculates its open lands percentages by using the total “planning area,” which is 24,043 acres. That is larger than the acreage of Broomfield proper, in part because leaders worked with neighboring counties, such as Boulder, to develop shared amenities before Broomfield became a county in 2001, he said earlier this year.

Broomfield expects to reach the 40 percent open lands goal at buildout, but it’s unclear when that might be because of ever-changing development plans, Standbridge said.

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