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The Glory Story

Bruce Etkin, David Johnson and Ryan Good invested in Glory in 2014 viewing it as an underutilized, value-add opportunity, consistent with past business practices and real estate ventures.

Glory events were originally broadcast on Spike TV after a cop show series and were losing money. Glory is now televised on ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports coverage, as well as ESPN Deportes and on UFC Fightpass in partnership with the UFC. As ESPN is owned by Disney, no mixed martial arts had ever been broadcast, leaving Glory to become the first non-boxing combat league to air on ESPN. Ratings are increasing as is global viewership. Glory kickboxing is embraced in a stronger fashion and has more tradition in Europe and the Far East. Globally, Glory is seen in 190 countries with an estimated reach of 800 million viewers.

Adding to the growing success, major strategic investors including Liberty Global, the world’s largest international cable television and broadband company, and Yao Capital, founded by former NBA superstar Yao Ming, have recently invested significant capital, allowing Glory to continue its pursuit of growing the league globally. Upcoming events are located in Nice, France and Dusseldorf, Germany. Additionally, Glory, in partnership with Yao Ming, is in the process of launching a new joint venture in China where kickboxing and stand-up fighting have a long and rich tradition.