Etkin Johnson's dedicated administrative team brings a wealth of talent...

experience and knowledge to the organization. With professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, the administrative staff handles a diverse array of organizational, financial and asset management responsibilities that are vital in keeping the overall operation of Etkin Johnson Real Estate Partners functioning at peak performance.


Janna Cline
Janna ClineProperty Accountant
Laura Farrar
Laura FarrarInvestment Analyst
Lindsey Gooch
Lindsey GoochAgency Leasing
Caroline Grote
Caroline GroteHuman Resources
Brandy Ionikh
Brandy IonikhAccounting Assistant
Kasia Minor
Kasia MinorAssistant Controller
Tami Meise
Tami MeiseAccounting Associate
Alley Murray
Alley MurrayAdministrative Assistant
Jennifer Paddock
Jennifer PaddockProject Manager
Melissa Sheils
Melissa SheilsLease Management Director
Ann Steinbach
Ann SteinbachMarketing Director
Dottie Sweet
Dottie SweetAsset Analyst
Jennifer White
Jennifer WhiteConstruction Manager